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Self-Beliefs: True or False?

Do any of these sound familiar?

I am not enough

I am not worthy

I am unlovable

I am stupid

I am a failure

We all have these thoughts called "limiting self-beliefs" that shape who we are, but does that mean they are 100% true? Do we have to accept them as true? The answer is typically "NO" when we really stop to think about them (see Step 2 below).

Where do beliefs come from? Often these beliefs are formed in our first 7 years of life when we lack the ability to accurately understand what is really happening and why.

For example:

A child sees their parents fighting and interprets this to mean they have done something wrong to upset their parents, therefore they are not loved.

A child doesn't receive praise from their parents for their great school report, so they interpret this to mean they must try harder, therefore they are not enough.

So now that we know our self-beliefs are not true and that we don't just have to accept them, but they are limiting our behaviour, thoughts and choices as adults and may be stopping us from thriving or leading to self-sabotage, what can we do about them?

The MindBodyFood Institute suggests following these 3 steps:

Step 1: Catch

Catch yourself or become aware of when you have these limiting beliefs or thoughts. Are there any patterns to when you have these beliefs? Do they occur at particular time of day, in a certain environment, or around certain people etc

Step 2: Challenge

Ask yourself:

Is this belief true?

Is this belief 100% true?

Can I think of times when this belief has not been true - do some "detective thinking" that discredits the belief.

Step 3: Change

Change your belief to something that serves you and is more accurate.

For example:

"I am a failure" becomes "I am learning and trying my best" or "making mistakes is part of learning".

"I am not enough" becomes "I am good enough" or "I am worthy".

When our beliefs start serving us, they stop controlling us and holding us back and allow us to start reaching our full potential in life.

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