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Anxiety Support

Anxiety Support

This beautiful collection includes:


Blue Lace Agate ~ Soothes emotions, brings about a sense of calm and inner peace, and neutralises infection and inflammation.

Sodalite ~ Calms panic attacks, increases self-trust and brings order to the mind.

Chevron Amethyst ~ heals the mind, body and soul, balances extreme emotions, and soothes negative thoughts.

Lepidolite ~ Is a mood stabiliser, brings peace and calm, clears aura blockages, and helps sooth suicidal tendencies.

Smokey Quartz ~ Soothes, calms and relieves the mind, soaks up negative energies and emotions, and helps to ground you in the present.

Howlite ~ Helps reduce pain and stress, helps with enjoyment of life, brings about relaxation and aids meditation.


Note that crystals vary in size, shape and colour, so will not be exactly like those seen in the photo but will be as close as possible. 

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