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Depression Support

Depression Support

This beautiful collection includes:


Smokey Quartz ~ Soothes fear, calms extreme emotions and suicidal tendencies, keeps energy uplifted and has grounding properties.

Carnelian ~ Calms anger, transforms negative emotions into joy and calmness, brings luck and good fortune, boosts motivation and protects you from negative energies.

Amazonite ~ Heals trauma, disperses negative energy and vibrations, helps you receive love and carries hope.

Blue Lace Agate ~ Has calming energies, tranquil vibrations and cleansing properties, lowers inflammation, brings inner peace and positivity and aids in emotional healing.

Lepidolite ~ Brings balance, calms the mind of intrusive thoughts, aids depression and helps soothe suicidal tendencies, brings peace and encourages you to lead a vibrant life.


Note that crystals vary in size, shape and colour, so will not be exactly like those seen in the photo but will be as close as possible. 

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