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Protection Support

Protection Support

This beautiful collection includes:


Clear Quartz ~ This is the master healing crystal as it is connected to all the chakras and can clear blockages.

Moonstone ~ Good for balancing emotions, helps with restoration and creativity and protects you on all levels. It is also good for deepening psychic abilities.

Tigers Eye ~ Provides courage and strength and amplifies self-confidence and self-worth, clears negative energies and provides protection.

Black Tourmaline ~ This is the master protector, shielding you from negative energies and EMFs (electromagnetic fields). It helps calm you from anxious thoughts, turning them into positive vibrations.

Obsidian ~ Is a powerful protection and grounding crystal that also helps to stimulate growth and build courage.

Infinite Stone ~ Shields you from negative energies and protects and cleanses your aura. Helps you to heal from trauma and brings prosperity and abundance. Also helps with fatigue and energy levels.

Prehnite ~This crystal brings peace and protection and is strongly connected to the heart chakra. It helps to remove things that no longer serve you and helps you to see the good in all things.


Note that crystals vary in size, shape and colour, so will not be exactly like those seen in the photo but will be as close as possible. 


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