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Restful 50g

Restful 50g

Description ~ This peach flavoured ayurvedic blend of tulsi, green rooibos and other relaxing herbs, makes this infusion ideal for those who need a harmonising wind down at the end of the day.


Brewing ~ Pre-heat a cup or teapot. Use 1 tsp per cup or 1 rounded tsp per person for a teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the herbs and infuse for 5-7 minutes.

Ingredients ~ Tulsi herb, green rooibos, ginger bits, cinnamon, vervain, chamomile blossoms, flavouring, rose blossom leaves, peach bits (peach, rice flour), lavender blossoms and rose buds.


*Note about flavouring ~ This term refers to the essential oil, essence or extract, or any product of roasting or heating etc, which contains the flavouring constituents derived from a spice, fruit, vegetable, root, herb or similar whose significant function in food is flavouring rather than nutritional.

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