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Spiritual Awareness Support

Spiritual Awareness Support

This beautiful collection includes:


Howlite ~ Helps with transportation to another time or dimension. When placed on the third eye, it can help you see into your past lives. Opens the crown chakra, heightening your sense of awareness, soothing and calming the mind, body and spirit.

Celestite ~ Helps develop your psychic and intuitive abilities, raises consciousness and improves your ability to talk to celestials.

Angelite ~ Enhances telepathic abilities, enables out of body experiences, connects you to universal knowledge, helps communication with spirit guides, and brings higher consciousness.

Kyanite ~ Heightens intuition, helps dream recall, has a calming and grounding energy, connects you to your third eye, and its Yin and Yang energy connects you to your spirit guides.

Iolite ~ Helps with astral travel and deep shamanic journeying. Supports psychic abilities, strengthens intuition and is closely connected to the third eye chakra. Can help you remember past lives, connects you with the spiritual realm and can strengthen clairvoyance skills.


Note that crystals vary in size, shape and colour, so will not be exactly like those seen in the photo but will be as close as possible. 

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