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Welcome to Ella Grace Holistic Health, an online family-run business based in Wellington, New Zealand.


This is a place to begin your journey to better health and wellbeing through holistic approaches.  

We provide holistic health coaching for people wanting to look after or improve their mental wellbeing (people struggling with stress, burnout, anxiety and/or depression) and who want to build their long-term resilience levels.


We also stock health products such as nutrient dense whole food; green and herbal teas; gratitude and resilience journals; and beautiful healing crystals ~ all of which can help to nourish and transform your mind, body and spirit.

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Find out how holistic health coaching can help you to improve your health and wellbeing one step

at a time

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We offer a range of health food products like nuts and seeds, green and herbal teas that help with anxiety and sleep, and gratitude & resilience journals to help you manage your wellbeing

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We offer a large

range of crystals, jewelry and crystal collections intuitively and lovingly created to

support emotional


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