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Self-Care Gift Packs

Are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone in your life that you would like to show how much you care? 


Do you know someone who has been struggling with their health or life situation and would be lifted up by a self-care gift pack? 

By e-mailing us at and specifying what you would like in a self-care gift pack (by choosing from our product range), we will put together a beautiful gift pack and send it either to you or directly to the person you want to receive your gift.

An example of a self-care gift pack could be:

1 x gratitude/resilience journal

1 x tea

1 x tea leaf infuser

2 x crystal bracelets

Approx. cost $95 (plus P&P)

Gift Pack Pic_edited.jpg

All self-care gift packs come in an environmentally friendly gift bag and a gift card (optional to add a personal message).

If you would like to include crystals in the gift pack but are not sure which crystal support collection and/or bracelet would help with yours (or the person you are gifting to) health or life situation, we can help you find the right crystal bracelet and/or make up a bespoke crystal support collection. 


Once you have made your selection:

We will send you an email confirming the gift pack contents and cost (including P & P).

Once you confirm you are satisfied with the order, we will send you an invoice.

Upon receiving payment, we will courier the self-care gift pack to the delivery address you provide us with.

P&P costs (we will advise you of the cost based on weight):

$7 for gift packs under 1kg NZ wide

$11 for gift packs over 1kg NZ wide

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